11" x 14"
Acrylic on Cotton Paper

Painted on 100% cotton paper, archival fine art quality and acid free for longevity.

About this painting: 

My American Dream Series is a conceptual series meant to open questions regarding American consumerism and capitalism and how the modern American lifestyle effects mental health and self acceptance and identity. It's also heavily about things like social status and pop culture.

Being focused on these themes, several motifs that will be seen throughout the series include things like the American flag, money, guns, drugs, and various pop culture references. Here we have a boy with the words "Love you" written on his eyelids, which I adopted from a scene in Indiana Jones where one of the students had this written on her eyelids during one of Jones's lectures.

To me this series is important because it delves into one of the beasts that overshadows, rules, and also helps destroy aspects of our humanity... which is the basic foundational structure which our society is built on.

American Dream #1

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