11" x 14"
Acrylic on Cotton Paper

Painted on 100% cotton paper, archival fine art quality and acid free for longevity.

About this painting:

The tragic story and legend of King Arthur is a very magical one, essentially as magical as it gets. And through all the sorcery, magic swords, and obstacles he must face, one of the prominent themes I see at the core of this story is one of self love, self acceptance, and self-empowerment (which is a theme I like to touch on a lot in my art). There are many variations of the legend, but a common one in which I resonate with is where Arthur grew up an underdog and eventually through a process of obstacles and self discovery, he finds himself, which enables him to rise to his true power. The moment for example that he pulls the Excalibur from the stone, to me, is a metaphor to how you can accomplish great things when you believe in yourself and will yourself to do so.

I too feel I grew up as an underdog much of my life in a sense, and it wasn't until I reached into myself and found that sense of belief within and love and acceptance that I was able to begin building and following my dreams and making progress in the quest and journey I wanted to live.

King Arthur

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