11" x 14"
Acrylic on Cotton Paper

Painted on 100% cotton paper, archival fine art quality and acid free for longevity.

About this painting:

The Cyclopes were banned to the underworld of Tartarus because they were either feared or disliked for being different from their peers. Zeus struck a deal with them to set them free if they helped him win the war against the Titans. Cyclopes were actually very intelligent and are essentially the master craftsmen of the Olympians, as most weapons, tools, and artifacts of the Olympians/ Greek gods were crafted by the Cyclopes (including Zeus's lightning bolt and Poseidon's trident etc).


In this sense they resonate with me, as I always felt different and disenfranchised or misunderstood, and to me my art is like my craft which I use as a tool and weapon in the world to help guide me through the journey of life.


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