24" x 24"
Acrylic on Canvas

About this painting:

From Love to Envy, Death & Rebirth is a piece is about change in one's life, primarily coming into the true will of oneself. A boy is going through the inner turmoil that comes with being in the middle of this change. On the outside are the cold societal expectations that he forced himself to identify with, but is now releasing his inner self tearing through the bold masculine exterior. The flowers coming out of his head represent his mental state of mind growing and shifting, and the flowers coming out of his dominant arm indicate the new path that he is choosing to guide his life with. A part of him dies and so he is reborn.It's also about the concept that without death, life wouldn't exist. We all go back into the Earth from which we came to feed the next cycle. It's about embracing yourself and living your life to it's fullest potential. It's about the idea that out of all the chances for life, we were given the rare opportunity to experience existence as an aware and intelligent being.

From Love to Envy, Death & Rebirth

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