23" x 17"
Acrylic on Canvas

Artwork size is 23" x 17", final size of canvas is 24"x18"
Canvas is loose unstretched canvas, ships rolled in a tube. I can also ship it framed and ready to hang if you prefer.

About this painting:

My love of nature and inspiration to incorporate it into my art more has been growing and amplified lately. I love going outside during twilight (my favorite time of day), and drawing energy from the moon as I find it immensely powerful. I also do my affirmations and gratitude rituals and those kinds of things as well under it's influence. It grounds and energizes me.


There is also an owl that lives close by as I hear it every night and sometimes during this time. I have a history with owls and their presence and I consider them one of my main totem animals.



I also love trees and forests and feel very connected to them and love things like the sound and feeling of when they do a surreal dance in strong wind, and have been halfway obsessed with clouds lately.


All these influences of nature have come together to create this piece. I depicted the waning crescent phase of the moon which symbolizes setting intentions and growth, and have the man becoming one with nature which is how it feels when I do these kinds of rituals in nature.


Knight Owl