12" x 12"
(artwork size is 10" x 10", with 1 inch white margin on all sides)
Fine art giclee print on archival matte paper

The Shaman of Owls is a piece about self discovery and acceptance, knowing yourself and finding peace in your life's journey. It's also about discovering secret knowledge, and the price we pay emotionally for selfishness.

A young man seeks wisdom and to discover the truth about who he is, and wishes to find the answers to life's biggest questions, like what his future will bring and how he will die. He finds the spirit animal of the owl that holds all wisdom and knowledge in the world, and asks him for guidance. The owl gives him this knowledge only on the condition that he uses it for good, and if he alters the course of his life or causes harm the owl will own his soul once he dies. The man disobeys the owl to achieve selfish desires, and upon his death the owl takes over his body and soul as it's new vessel, resting within a nest he makes of his head. People seek out the Shaman of Owls to gain knowledge about themselves to help them discover who they are.

The Shaman of Owls (print)

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