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My evocative and romantic paintings evoke a sense of self-love, empowerment, freedom, and adventure...

I grew up on a small rural island surrounded by nature and away from society. My early life was tumultuous, I felt like I was an alien or an outsider from another world. I would often slip into vivid daydreams to escape into fantasy. This escape gave me a place where I was able to explore and discover myself, as well as feel like I had a sense of control. I believe this place is the source of my creative energy. It feels like my work is channeled to me from an otherworldly realm that I somehow unlocked during my childhood. After recently discovering I have Hyperphantasia, having these prolonged trance like daydreams, and the way in which I was experiencing the world, started to make sense.


It was after moving to New York City in 2011 that I truly began to find my voice and who I am. I felt a sense of liberation as my time grew in the city, and a sort of spiritual metamorphosis took place within me.

I started selling my paintings in 2018 after a major back injury. I couldn't walk or get a job, so I had no choice but to pursue my childhood and lifelong dream of being a fine artist and selling my artwork for a living. So once I was able to move enough to be able to, I began painting a lot and listed them for sale. Thankfully I have recovered, but that whole experience kick started my art career and I've never looked back. It's kind of wild how a life changing event can bring about perhaps one of the best things to happen in my life and initiated one of the best decisions I've ever made which was to pursue my art.


A lot of my work shows characters in a state of transition from one form to another, on the brink of transcending into a new identity and reality... be it spiritually, emotionally, mentally, or physically. I often paint figures of power or magic because to me they are symbols of overcoming great obstacles and embracing one's uniqueness. They have the innate ability to shape and effect the world around them and manifest their dreams.


My art is often about the perception of the self in relation to the outside world, exploration in the mysteries of consciousness, identity, philosophy, psychology, mental health, and humanity's modern relationship with nature. I like mixing in elements of mythology, and I'm heavily influenced by theories of magical practice and personal development.


With my art I hope to help people find escape and inner power and to bring awareness against oppression and bullying. I'd like to live in a world where people are celebrated for their differences instead of oppressed by them, and I want to help inspire people to embrace themselves, love who they are, and to face and overcome their own inner battles and demons. I want to help ease our society's state of mental health and use my art as a vehicle of awareness.

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