I hope my art will give you a sense of inner freedom, self-empowerment, and escape...

I grew up on an island in a rural area, surrounded by forests and meadows and lakes. I always sort of felt like an outsider in a way, away from society on the outside looking in, different and seeing culture and humanity almost like I was alien. Mind you now I see this as an advantage and unique feature not an issue. When I grew up I moved away to larger cities seeking adventure, and ended up in NYC where I am now, having moved here was a risk but it worked out.


Don't get me wrong I love where I grew up it's one of my favorite places in the world, but that sense of adventure, exploration and discovery is something I wanted to seek out and want to express with my art. It's one of the reasons I make art and one of the things I want to say with it. I tend to take risks and be adventurous even in my artwork itself from the subject matter to the way I create it and to what it emulates. I want to encourage people to seek out their adventure and take risks to push themselves forward.


Another one of the things I try to accomplish with my art is creating these sort of visual triggers. I like to combine meditation with visualization practices, using images to help me switch from one state of mind to another. I like to paint a lot of magical beings that are symbols of power, such as witches, shamans, gods, aliens, or characters that have innate ability to use their will to shape the world around them. A lot of my work shows characters in a state of transition from one form to another be it physically or mentally, on the brink of transcending into a new sense of self.


My art is often about the perception of the self in relation to the outside world, exploration in the magic and mysteries of consciousness, identity, philosophy, psychology and mental health, and humanity's modern relationship with nature. I like mixing elements of science fiction, fantasy, pop art, and conceptual art often invoking mythology, and I'm heavily influenced by theories of magical practice, themes of spirituality, and personal development.

I hope to help people find escape and inner power with my work and to bring awareness against oppression and bullying. I want to help inspire people to embrace themselves and connect with nature and humanity, and to face and overcome their own inner battles and demons. I want to help ease our society's state of mental health and use my art as a vehicle of awareness.

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