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Want to grow your business?

I create advertising campaigns that send qualified customers to you. For example, a recent campaign I ran for a wedding photographer garnered 71 leads in a single week with less than $100 ad spend. These leads are now converting into bookings.

Advertising & Customer Acquisition
The process in a nutshell:

I create an ad campaign that targets ONLY your ideal customer

They sign up their name, email, and phone number in response to the advertisement

I send you the qualified leads directly to you or your rep's phone

You or your rep contact them and convert them to sales!

About me

After obtaining a degree in Digital Media Production in Philadelphia, I moved to NYC where I became an art director for several years working with various brands and companies. I started my own advertising agency after having studied marketing, business development, and mastermind training for Facebook advertising. I now create and manage advertising campaigns to help small businesses gain more customers and increase sales.

My methods

My primary method of advertising to help businesses get more customers and increase revenue is through Facebook Advertising.





In traditional forms of advertising such as newspaper, magazine, radio, TV, and billboard, you pay for everyone to see your ad, regradless if they are likely to buy or not. The problem with this is only a small % of them are potential customers. Essentially, it can really be a waste of money!

Facebook ads are different. You can actually choose who you show your ads to. So if you target your ideal customer, then you only pay when your ideal customer sees your ad! How awesome is that!





Since we are only showing our ads to our idea customer, we are getting much more for our money. We can spend very little, and get a lot in return.


Example: I recently a campaign for a wedding photographer in New England. These are leads with email, full name AND phone number!

The first week, I spent $100 on ads to get leads, and we got 33 signups. Even if you only converted 20% of those leads into bookings, that's still 6 - 7 wedding photography bookings a week from $100 in ads! You can’t do that with print advertising! 





Facebook ads is a skill. It’s like boxing. If you aren’t a trained boxer and you step in the ring, you are going to get killed! The same goes for Facebook ads. If your sales funnel, ad, targeting, or any other component isn’t top notch, you are not going to get those cheap leads that look so appealing on the previous page! And you certainly won’t get enough sales! As a Facebook ads expert,  my job is to make decisions with your money, so you don’t waste it!

These decisions are things like...

- Who to target so we are only showing ads to the people highly likely to buy.

- How to appeal to their pain points, emotions, and desires to easily convert them into leads, and ultimately sales.

- How to budget so you don’t waste money on things that won’t bring you revenue.

- Plus all that tech stuff that no one else wants to deal with.

In a nutshell, my job is to make you happy when you see the results from your Facebook ad campaigns!

Here's what I can do for you

I will create and manage an ad campaign for you, and send you the qualified leads as they come in.


The costs of this service depends on what your business goals and needs are, as it can be scaled up or down. We will create a custom scenario that benefits you and your business. My main goal is to deliver amazing results at a price point that is comfortable for you and that makes sense for a great ROI.

Shoot me an email at, or text at 215 687 7035, and let me know what day/time is best for you to chat about how I can help you grow your business!

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