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Living with Hyperphantasia

I recently discovered I have Hyperphantasia, which to be honest, I had no clue this isn't how most people experience life. This explains a lot about my life, as an artist and how I've lived so far.

Ever since I was young to escape I would drift off into elaborate and long daydreams, in which essentially I've lived half my life if not more in an alternate fantasy world in my head where I would create vast stories, scenes, characters, landscapes and everything else. This is where most of my art comes from, as there is a constant flow of vivid images and kind of like mental films playing in my head most all the time. It also explains a lot of my surrealism... as objects, colors, ideas, and shapes and everything else sort of morph and flow almost like hallucinations or something. It's like essentially creating a new painting in my mind's eye for every second there is in a day that I'm awake and conscious (unless I'm super focused on a particular task then they can recede). Most of them are too elaborate or complicated to create, but the ones that stick out to me I try to remember and create in some form. Needless to say I have a list of painting ideas and concepts that is so large I could never get around to producing them all in a lifetime, and the list just grows daily.

Come to find out this isn't how most people experience their lives (according to my research anyway). The mind and psychology is so fascinating to me to think about how one can go their entire life unaware of just how different their human experience can be based on even just one different variable of how their mind works.


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